Travel Tips: Don't Fret Over Chipped Nails

So you're all set for holiday travel: hair done, bags packed, and mani-pedi looks fresh.
You grab you're suitcase and as you rush off to the airport and....AHHHHH. You've chipped your nail polish.

Now you're stuck. The whole trip is a little less glamorous because your nails aren't right.
I have the perfect solution.

First, I always keep a travel polish. (Chose your go to you never mind wearing on any given day. Mine is red.) Add some clear polish, a file and portable polish remover to a small makeup bag.

Personally, I love Cutex Polish pads. Click here for details. (For a pack of 6 they're about $3.) They are flat and perfect to travel. They advertise that one pad removes polish from all 10 nails, and that's generally true. But 'tis the season for glitter nail polish, which is a little thicker and textured, and on a recent trip I had to use two pads to remove my OPI Gift of Gold.

My new discovery are these brilliant polishes by Sally Hansen: Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen . I scored my pens at the Dollar Tree in Atlanta, GA for just...$1 each. (Truthfully, now that I know how brilliant they are, I should've really loaded up. I'm going back tomorrow...fingers crossed they'll still be there.) Full value, they retail for about $4.

Here's why I love them:
1. the colors are metallic
2. they don't chip
*but see below on fading
3. they dry in about 5 seconds. I promise you by the time you've completed one hand they are completely dry, smudge proof and you are ready to go.

I applied one coat and walked out the top coat. But, 24 hours later they started to fade. I tried the test again with two coats, they still faded a couple days later. (Honestly, that didn't bother me that much, because I'd rather them fade than chip. How about you? Especially for a travel, quick fix polish. But for an event, retouches would be necessary.) However, I have NOT yet tried them with a top coat. I wonder if that would make a difference?

So here's the new situation:
You've arrived at your fabulous New Years Eve destination and grab your bags as you walk into your hotel room...and UUUGGGHHH...your nails chip. 
1. pull out your travel nail kit
2. remove the existing polish with your polish pads
3. touch up any rough edges from the chipped nail
4. and apply your Nail polish pen
5. change clothes and get ready to ROCK IN THE NEW YEAR!

*this is not a sponsored post

Check out my video review and tutorial.

Soooo...what do you think? Will you give these babies a try? Let me know how you like them.

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