Fashion Tip: Laws to Leggings

Ladies, we all love them...especially in black.
And when we're feeling good they cling to our bodies, hugging every curve.
And when we're feeling not so hot, they can camouflage most things...if styled correctly.

Since making a comeback in, oh let's say 2006, we can't get enough.
1. They're easy to put matter what you've eaten.
2. They stretch...which makes them oh so comfy.
3. They're super affordable and easy to clean.

BUT...there have been some terrible faux pas and we simply have to stop it.  

So the first fashion tip of the year are 3 reminders about leggings.

1. Leggings are NOT pants. 
That means...they are NOT pants.
Leggings can be worn under a dress or tunic (that covers your bottom) as tights, and to the gym (covered bottom is still preferred)...get it... the theme is covered bottom.

Even Kim Kardashian's leggings, although black, are see through. Oops...too much booty.

See...layers and covered bottoms.

2. Men really don't like leggings. So when you wear them, do so with style.
Last year I did man on the street interviews and men basically said, they put up with them. It's not their favorite, but on the right body it works.
So what if you don't have the right body? See reminder#1
*According to a survey for the here's what they said:
The problem with leggings, is that there is no mystery. Every contour is revealed.
Another big moan from men is that too many women wear them no matter their shape, which means too many sausage legs.
'They are too council estate, too comfy. Once a woman gets used to wearing an elasticated waist, there's no going back.'

3. The best (I think the only color) you should purchase is black.
(Although I am guilty of having some funk leggings. But...I know what I am doing.) And although I am not a teenager, basically those are the only people that can get away with striped, textured and printed leggings.
If you find yourself playing around with colors other than black... you can be this lady.

*This photo took my eyes a minute to adjust. I thought I was seeing a bare booty. Nope! This African American cashier wore nude leggings...and broke reminder #1!

Oh yeah folks, jeggings are still leggings. So same rules apply...which means cover your @$$!

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