Let's start from the Beginning

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Beauty section of "The Daily Affair"! It's taken me awhile to get up and running, but I'm here and ready to let my fingers do the talking. The title of this post is called "Let's start from the Beginning". Every girl knows that foundation is a God send, concealer is heaven, and mascara is a life line, but, and this is a big BUT, the key to having a gorgeous look with or without your makeup is having clear flawless skin. I know, I know, the mythical "flawless skin". Everyone wants it, men, women, young, old, it is the unattainable.... unless you put your doubts aside and work you butt off! So let's get started ;)

Number 1: WASH YOUR FACE!!!!!!!
I don't care if you had a long day or you are getting in at 4am, the key to clean skin is being committed to the cause. Wash your face, once, twice, even three times a day. If you don't do anything else that I suggest  in any of my posts from here on out, please make this your one exception.
Tip: Fill your sink with hot water. Drop a wash cloth in the water and then ring it out. Lay the wash cloth on your face allowing the water to take away a majority of your make up. This works great for eye makeup. Place the warm cloth over your closed eye and leave it for a few minutes.

Number 2: Toner
Toners are not "necessary" but they sure do help. Skin toner reduces your pores and takes away any excess makeup or face wash that may still be on your skin. Personally I love using toner, it gives my skin that final "you are clean" feeling.

Number 3: Nourish your face
Get yourself some natural oils or serums that will replenish your skin. The poor baby has been scrubbed, covered in paint and nasty, scrubbed again and toned. Some serums will reduce dark spots, tighten your skin, or give your body the nutrients that it so desperately needs.

Number 4: Eye Cream, Eye Cream, Eye Cream!
Your eyes are the windows to your soul... haha ok I had to be a bit cheesy for that one. But really, the skin under your eyes is so delicate and fragile, you need to use an eye cream if you want to help prevent under eye circles, wrinkles and crows feet. It doesn't matter what age you are, eye cream is a must!
Tip: A great way to take eye makeup off is by using Petroleum Jelly! Slather some on your lids and eye lashes and it will wipe right off! No harsh chemicals needed!

Number 5: Moisturize
Finally, moisturize your face. I prefer oil-free moisturizers, and because my skin likes to play tricks on me,  I go for the sensitive skin types.
Tip: Don't stop moisturizing when your face meets your neck, keep on going! Not down your body but message your neck, give it some moisturizing lov'in!

I really hope that this helps somebody. It's not a guaranteed fix-it plan, but if your face is anything like the other 6 trillion faces in the world, it should help. Have a great week everyone. Welcome to 2012!

-Xoxo Jenna B

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