Urban Decay Eye Potion

Urban Decay Eye Potion

Eye primer was a lovely invention. Especially the Urban Decay brand. If you have ever used Eye primer before than you know that the primer allows your eyeshadow to remain on longer and to enhance the color pigmentation. The best part about the Urban Decay brands line of eye primer is that it can be used as an eyeshadow on its own. The colors of the primers are perfect for wearing eyeshadow on top of them or for being worn alone.

The color is a pink nude

The color is a beautiful pink bronze. This is my favorite one. I love to use it as a shadow of its own.

The color is light tan. The consistency is 
thicker than the others.

The color is a vibrant gold.

Overall, eye primer is a great asset to the make up world. Whether you are creating a gorgeous look with your eyeshadows or using the primers as an eyeshadow themselves, you are going to love eye primer!



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