Hello Hello! Its Mascara day!!

I'm going to talk to you about the two mascaras that I currently flip flop between. First off, I like my lashes long and full (that's what she said). I don't want individual lashes or clumpy messes I want a beautiful look that is pretty amazing!

1. Lancome Hyponose Drama
Runs for $26.00
I like the fact that it really does give your lashes the babydoll effect, and it is guaranteed to give you major volume! Downside: it has a weird smell, but you get over it eventually.

I got mine as a freebie so the packaging is not what you would get at the store, but I will be re-purchasing it!
The bristle brush is wanky and a little scary at first but I have grown to love it!

2. Diorshow Blackout Waterproof
I didn't like this mascara the first few times that I tried it, but when I came back to it I realized that it wasn't half bad. I'm not sure if it is worth the hefty price, but it you are willing to splurge for a mild everyday mascara, then this would be the one.

I know... it's backwards
Bristle brush

Enjoy! - Jenna


  1. woah those are expensive. i hate paying 8 bucks for lash blast

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