My Sista's Treasure

My Sista's Treasure the annual swap party of the year. Started in 2006 by Davina "Dayvee" Sutton as a social event among friends, it quickly became the spring season's private fashion event among Atlanta media personalities and socialites. 

Do you know how a swap party works?
1. scan your wardrobe and pick out items that no longer work for you
*pick out things you won't be ashamed to share with your girlfriend...not the stuff that belongs in the trash
2. bring those items to the event
3. at the designated time, rules for the swap will be announced. 
when given the O.K., you get to search through all the goods the guest have brought and pick out one item.
4. the swap is usually operated in several rounds, with tie-breakers and other games played in between.
At the end, you should walk away with a handful of new additions to your wardrobe and it didn't cost you a thing.
Swap parties are great for giving you the adrenalin of shopping with out ever pulling out your credit card.

Check out Dayvee's stories on Charlotte Today at a swap party held in a home.

If you want to throw a swap party of your own, click here for Dayvee's step-by-step guide. 


Sign up here to get invited to the next My Sista's Treasure and for more information on how you can participate. 

PAST EVENTS    Click the links below to see photos and the story for past events.

The 2013 Swap event was held Saturday March 23rd at the luxurious Ballantyne Hotel at noon. 
The only way to attend is to get your ticket here:

*click here to see photos from 2013's event

Spring Fling Swap Event  March 24, 2012  Westin Charlotte, NC

Dress for Success EventSheila Carroll
Posted by Studio 51 on Sunday, March 24, 2013
*Link to event invite: click here   

Coverage for 2012's event:
Event Summary:
Username: My Sista's Treasure
Password: 15975


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