Review: Milani NEON Rad Purple #506

Ugh. Don't you hate when you buy a beauty product that you are excited to try and when you get home it is nothing like advertised?

That's exactly what happened to my mother!
She bought this Milani Nail Laquer in thier NEON series.
The bottle looks really cool.

My mom said that she just knew this was going to be her favorite nail polish, especially since her favorite color is purple. 
But when she got home...and put on two coats...Check out the results!
Burgundy! A color that is nice, but not neon purple!

Be warned if you try this series.
Let us know and share on Facebook if you've have similar results or positive results.

The positive side...she only paid less than $3 for the bottle.
You win some and lose some!

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