Spring Cleaning: Tips to Change Over Your Wardrobe

Now that the pesky weather is shaking out...it's time to dig out your spring/summer wardrobe.

It's legs and arm season!

It's an overwhelming task to change over your wardrobe. But, it's got to be done. Dedicate this Saturday to do it, and just get it done. Rip it off like  band-aid. Get started early and hopefully you'll be done before noon.

Pack up the cold wear

  • store your coats. 
    • Pack them in garment bags so they are protected from things like moths.
    • It's also a good time to (dry) clean your coats and jackets. This way when it's time to wear them again, they are ready and set to go!
  • clean the bottoms and pack the boots.
  • take the winter clothes off the hangers and store them (under your bed if you are limited in storage space)
  • I love this storage from Ikea. SKUBB is the name of the item. They are so affordable, starting at just $5, and its so roomy and flexible.
  • while packing fall/winter clothes, evaluate each item before it goes into storage.
    • Make sure it fits. 
    • Make sure you want it. 
    • Is it time to donate it? Is it out of date? 
    • Most of all: did you wear it this year?
 *As a general rule: if you didn't wear it this year, then you never will...so give it away!

 Now it's time to unpack the spring/summer gear.  

  1. while unpacking, evaluate each item before you hang it in your wardrobe.
    • Will you wear it? 
    • Is it out of date? 
    • Does it fit?
  2. while unpacking create a list of things you'd like to add to update your spring/summer wardrobe: new shoes, trendy necklaces, etc.
Now you should have a pile of clothes and accessories to donate to your favorite charity. Do it and don't look back. 
Take a photo of your pile and list the items you've donated...for a tax write off, of course!

Now go shopping for the stuff you specifically need from your list! And all Chic Chicks know to buy "on sale"!

The main takeaway here is that the perfect time to re-evaluate your wardrobe is when you are switching it over from season to season.
I like to change over my clothes at the beginning of April and November.

When you do change your wardrobe?
What did you notice that you have most of? 
What are you going to add?
Let us know on Facebook!


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