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“Mother nature is a serial killer.”

PG-13 | Action - Drama- Horror | June 21, 2013 (USA)

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I’m not into zombie movies, but this is the most realistic one that I’ve seen.

But first, let’s talk about how we are clearly obsessed, at least for the past three years, with the end of the world with a hero coming to fight for mankind...type of movies. So World War Z falls in line with this film trend. But, usually the end of the world starts in America in New York City. (isn’t that part strange to you?) Well, this time they were in Philly.

Marc Forster (credit Monster's Ball and Quantum of Solace) directs this film, mostly shot in in CGI, but why do I think it was so realistic? Because the humans stay true to form. No one is given super powers. Also, the way that zombies are evolved to what they are makes you stop and think “Oh, yeah..this could happen.” That’s a first for me for syfy. And to that point, this film also reminded me of Contagion.

It’s so intense that it will literally take your breath away. You’ll exert a nervous laugh when they focus on the odd movements of zombies in a dormant state.

Brad Pitt plays former UN employee Gerry Lane. I will still never buy the “regular guy who saves the world” idea in these apocalypse-type films, like Tom Cruise in “War of the Worlds”, (I mean, really? Why him? Of all of the people on the planet, Tom Curise, in this case Brad Pitt, is the chosen one?). But at least in this film Brad Pitt has an excuse to go on his journey to being the hero. I also appreciate that he does so reluctantly.

Brad Pitt is simply brilliant. He’s such a realistic actor. He never over acts in my opinion. Of course, his character has to survive the worst day of his life: from zombies trying to bite his face off, to a plane crash, to being intentionally poisoned.

I love the fresh faced Daniella Kertesz, who plays Segan and joins Pitt in the film as an unexpected sidekick. In the movie they find her in Jerusalem. Fun fact: Kertesz is really from Israel. She is badass: she gets handicapped during her journey, but still keeps her guts. Her character isn’t the typical overzealous, with something to prove female sidekick we usually see in films. It’s all about her guts for the sake of survival that draws you to her.

Mireille Enos is the wife. She does a just job
Fana Mokoena plays the role of Thierry Umutoni, the undersecretary of the UN and Pitt’s boss.

And the two young actresses Sterling Jerins  and Abigail Hargrove play Pitt’s daughters. I found them annoying...a burden in the movie. But they are just kids.

However, Fabrizio Zacharee Guido play Tomas, a kid found on the journey. You learn a little of his story, but I kind of wished they developed him a bit that when he loses his family entire family, he reacted a bit peculiar. But, that is just a personal preference.

Opening scenes were interesting: newsreel and pop culture to set time and tone that it starts off as just any normal day. You get to see cameos of Wendy Williams, Piers Morgan and other CNN anchors.

There isn’t much waiting before the action starts. It’s only because of Lane’s military experience that he has the wits to get his family to safety. (That’s part of the realism of this piece.)

Oh, this film is available in 3-D. Don’t bother. It’s like how I feel for most things shot today in 3-D, it seems that they forget about it along the way, and stop using it. For this movie, you will get an occasional zombie flying at your face. But that doesn’t make or break the film. However, there are some pretty intense moments and encounters with the zombies, that event Pitt’s character has nightmares. My hope is that I don’t have any.

The Lanes are saved by military and then told they can stay only on the condition of him helping to solve this world’s problem. All “non-essential personnel” are required to leave the American safe zone...a military cruiseliner.

My favorite line: “Mother nature is a serial killer.” That comes from the scientist who has a shocking and surprise twist to his storyline. You don’t expect what happens to him to happen.

There are many moments where you’ll be holding tight and clinching because of the intensity of the scenes, then when you remember to breathe. I heard audible sighs in the theater. Some scenes are also very gruesome.

Side note:This film made me appreciate soldiers, around the world, who sign up to sacrifice their life if necessary.

A little Biblical/Jewish history is subtly added, too. Israel's capital of Jerusalem, of all places in the world, was zombie free...for a time. They built something according to prophecy, 2 million years in advance, that sheltered them just in time for this “end of the world even.” That was fun.

This film is amazing and blew away my expectations. It may be too intense for young children, so even if you have a sensitive teen take caution. There were a few kids who were escorted out by their parents during the film.

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