Review: Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

I was given this product twice to review.


I don't like it.
First: what it is.

Gel Perfect is Gel-Color manicure that sets in only five minutes. You'll get lasting patent leather shine with no UV/LED light needed. Easy as regular polish to apply and everything you need is in one box. Be out the door in 5 minutes with no dings or smudges, just beautiful nails!

  • it does set in five minutes
  • it takes about 20 minutes to apply manicure
  • about an hour with mani-pedi
  • the patent leather shine only lasts a couple of days, max. After normal hand use (washing hands, dishes, and other life duties) it will dull
  • it is not much easier or more convenient to apply than standard base coat, color and top coat
Here's the application video from Youtube.

Second: what it promised.

*from the Gel Perfect website
  • Sets rock solid in 5 minutes
  • No UV/LED Light Needed
  • Removes in 2 minutes
  • Applies Easy as nail polish
  • Hardens and Protects from everyday trauma
  • Lasting Patent Leather Shine
Advertising photo from Gel Perfect

Truth: what it did

  • It did set pretty quickly. But really to be safe after two coats you need to let it dry 15 minutes. With my normal manicure application, using a quick dry top coat, that is about the same amount of time.
  • Does not harden well enough to endure everyday trauma. Here's my photo of chipped nails after only two days of normal hand use! My pedicure lasted about a week before it started chipping.
    Agh! This is only after a couple of days of normal wear.
  •  It's true you don't need UV/LED light. But you don't get the soft gel texture to the nail.
  • Does not remove in 2 minutes. (More on that below.)
  • It takes about the same amount of time to apply as regular nail polish.
  • The shine dulls after a couples of days on manicure. On pedicure it seems to last a little longer.
Oh...the remover.

It promises No Mess Express.

Unique packet is designed to concentrate remover on nails where it is most needed and away from the skin. Works on five fingers or toes at one time.

  • You need special nail polish remover to remove this stuff. It only works moderately. 
  • It promises less work to remove, but it hardly removes all the polish from both hands with just one pouch, you have to scrub. 
  • You can not remove all polish from five fingers and toes at the same time. Our nails are curved, and the sponge is straight. You need to manipulate it to soak on the nails for about 60 seconds then scrub off. 
  • It's not clean either. Likely you'll remove the sponge to scrub and it will drip to make a mess. I do recommend to try your best to keep it in the pouch, however, because the sponge won't dry out as quickly.
  • I found that regular acetone nail polish remover works just the same. 

Retails from $9.99

My recommendation: not worth it!


  1. The service provides the option to ask for a revision within 14 to 30 days from the day of completion. And, of course, you are entitled case study assignment to a refund. So, take this review into account and enjoy their services!


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