Fashion: D-I-Y - How to Fix Worn Leather

It's tutorial time!

D-I-Y Scale: #1

Sometimes in fashion WORN leather is super chic.

And sometimes it's just old.

But don't discard your old leather yet.
Perhaps you can give it a refresh and it just takes three steps and is under $10.

*please note this is not for torn leather

 1. purchase furniture repair markers like these from any home improvement store or Bed Bath Beyond. If your leather isn't brown, you can also use permanent maker. Cost is around $5.

2. also have on hand some baby wipes. Cost is about $2.

3. wipe down the leather to clean the surface.

4. color the worn parts of the leather to match the normal color.

5. let the ink dry, then wipe off excess ink with baby wipe.


A frugal way to save the day.

Let us know your money saving tips. Comment below and on social media!


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