Real Life: A Non New Years' Resolution

The New Year tends to make people get sentimental or resolve to want closure and a restart with it's time stamp. It's a good time especially for those with OCD (like me), who like nice and neat marks and points of reference for things. But we all know it, resolutions often don't work. Especially the ones that require a daily commitment.

I've always loved documenting things in life, and the reality is that when your busy living life you don't have time to stop and document it. I was certainly that little girl who had a diary. And year after year, each new book would be left incomplete...except that one year where I decided dog-gone-it, I'm going to journal. (That was the same year, by the way, that I read the entire Bible...yes, even through all the "begots".)

Realistically, I've learned not to commit to much, other than work I get paid for, on a daily basis. A lesson reinforced when I started this site as a blog in 2006

And with social media pulling us in all different ways, we are in fact documenting our lives, but it's not really organized. One of my biggest fears is that one day in the future when you'd like to look back, it will be hard to determine which source you choose. How do you make all your memories on all of these platforms unite to the scrapbook of your life?

Well, now I know the key to a great journal is to check in every once and while. It's the same concept I use to document events. That's why I love the concept of this Journal Jar (I've coined this phrase...hehehe).

Floating around Instagram on the last day of 2013 there was a photo of a mason jar saying 
"Starting on January 1st  write good things that happen to you on little pieces of paper."
"Then on December 31st open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you."
I loved this idea. It's the perfect compromise of daily journaling, with the brevity we love of twitter or Instagram.

So this is my new project. I'll put it by my bedside and I look forward to reading and reviewing the good times at the year's end, and of course knowing my OCD ways, I'll paste them in a journal of it's own afterwards.

DIY Scale: 1

Make your own in 1,2,3.
All you need is a 
  1. large mason jar (because you want lots of blessings!) or a vase or container of your choice
  2. keep notes and a pen near it always
  3. put in a place that will daily remind you to reflect on your blessings (like your bedside)
Let me know what you think!

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