Travel Daily Tip: Pack for the Trip's Nightlife

Well, actually today you get three tips.

Today's tips are specifically geared for tropical, island or beach trips.
My favorite kind of trips.

When you take a trip, you know what you are going to do in the day time: hiking, swimming, or laying around. So we know what to pack to wear for that: hiking boots, swimsuit and flip flops.

But often we get stuck when it comes to nightlife.

I know for myself, I sigh at the thought of packing heels when I'm on the beach. So I don't.
But I (and you) still want to look sexy for the nightlife. You may be surprised to know that sandals are OK to rock with your dress..especially in beachy places.
But, now...what about the actual dress?

Just pack one. It's likely you'll never wear the second. (Many cases, you'll forgo the first.) Everything is surprisingly casual on vacation.
I like to pack a convertible dress that I can wear at least two or three different ways.

Next, don't pack clothes that require ironing. Heck, don't buy any either!. That's one less step to worry about. Just bring clothing that you can unroll from your suitcase and throw on.

Finally, never pack something that you've never worn before. I mean, imagine the disasters. Shoes that hurt. Dress that is too small.

So, what are your tips for packing for the nightlife.
Say something good and we'll feature it here!

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