Real Life: Things Old-Timey Stars Can Teach Us

Happy Friday.

I came across this post from the Huffington Post and wanted to share...

Walking around in a female body is often a less-than-pleasant experience, no matter your size, color, height or weight. Alongside being publicly catcalled and ogled, women are subjected to thousands of messages about "perfect" bodies and how to achieve them...
There are also many famous women who have recently pushed back against the expectations they face in the entertainment industry... 
But it's not just famous ladies of today who are outspoken about these issues. Actresses in Hollywood's Golden Age also faced incredible pressure to look and act glamorous at all times, and figured out ways to handle those pressures with dignity and grace. 
Here are seven lessons we can learn from them about body image and confidence...
My favorite tip is this one:
"Happiness is a great beautifier."

 And it is true. When you are happy, then you are smiling. When you are in love, you feel gorgeous.

To read the rest of the HuffPo article, click here.

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