Real Life: What To Do with Dead Flowers

Sigh! The beautiful bloom you received from your Valentine has died.

If you really want to preserve the memory of the bouquet, here's a brilliant way to...

Make potpourri.
And you can make it from things you already have in your home.

DIY scale: 2

What you need:

  1. dead flowers (of course)
  2. herbs or spices that you enjoy the smell of found in your pantry
  3. your favorite smelling essential oil
  4. large mason jar, sealed container or ziplock bag
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First, remove petals and leaves you want to keep from the stem and spread the flowers out, preferably outside to soak up sunlight, to dry. A paper towel or newspaper will work (depending on how much you are going to make.)
This prevents mold.
Add the herbs and other items that need to be dried too.
Also avoid the petals and leaves from touching each other.

Second, the flowers and herbs should be placed in a location that is dry, dark, cool, and well-ventilated. 
This prevents rotting.

Third, once dried, mix everything together by adding your favorite smelling essential oil

Then, place your mixture into a glass jar or brown paper bag, and let the mixture set for about six weeks. Each day, shake the container a little to redistribute the ingredients. 

Finally, after the waiting period, your homemade potpourri will be ready for display...and bragging rights!

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