Fashion: Feeling "Blousey"? 2 Vintage Blouses, 4 Different Looks

Digging through my Grandma's closet, I found tons of vintage blouses.

 Here's my twist on how to wear them.

When I came across these blouses I didn't have a clue how to wear them and not look outdated. I also wanted to keep the vintage feel that I love so much. So I kept digging in the closet and found some items to compliment them!

Since the blouse is flowy, which I love, pair skinny jeans and red pumps. 
Of course, I had to add a hat and pencil skirt for the second dressier look. 

For the second blouse, that is cut similarly...I'll pair it with leggings, for a party look!

Grandma's hats, gloves, and pearls are added to the blouse on the second look. I'm such a big fan of hats and gloves! 
How about you?

 So what do you think? Would you wear these looks?


  1. These are are great looks! That red top looks fabulous with the skinny jeans and red shoes!

  2. I love vintage blouses. Great idea!

  3. I will be digging in my Grannies closet! wow!

  4. Thank you guys! Dayvee they are classics!

  5. The looks are hot. You were able to keep the vintage look and bring it to our world, too!

  6. Love the looks. Grandma's clothes are the best and a fun way to honor your grandmothers style. If not thrift shopping is the best. Nothing like looking stylish at a great price


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