Beauty: Lashes are the New Lipstick

Years ago, our mothers were told never to go out without lipstick on. It was a beauty “must”, and de rigueur to complete a girl’s look.

These days... it’s ALL about lashes. I’m not talking heavily mascaraed, perfectly combed out lashes. I mean falsies – they are all the rage right now.

Made popular first in the 1960’s, then on the fashion runways, they are now everywhere. Brides and prom goers clamor for them. Boudoir shoots go from “oh wow” to “Holy Cow!” when a girl has them on. Women are even wearing them to work! On a recent trip to Seattle, I saw false lashes being worn everywhere – even on the pharmacy cashiers! (Naturally, I was thrilled.)

Many women report that they find the thought of applying false lashes daunting. Rest assured, it’s actually a pretty simple task. 

The only solution is to practice, practice, practice.
...and you’ll be an expert lash-applier in no time. 

So get thee to your favorite beauty supply store and grab a pair today, some glue...apply...
…and be prepared to fall in love.
Bet ya won’t be able to stop looking in the mirror!
Love and lashes,


*'s a really well done Youtube video on how to apply.

What's your favorite lash brand? Let us know!!


  1. I love long lashes. But don't like the application. I actually use Yonique fiber lashes for the va-va-voom effect. And really good mascara otherwise...for the everyday. I have pretty decent lashes, bare, so I'm blessed in that way.

  2. That's right! I don't leave home without them! :-) I usually use the strips, light on the glue, so I can take them off at night and reapply in the morning.


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