Natural Beauty: 3 Steps to Fancy Twist Bun

We all get a little lazy when it comes to doing hour hair.  Am I right?

I know I do :)

Here is a super cute twist bun hair style that I consider a winner.

 I used a typical black dress sock and tied it around my hair.  Be sure to prep your hair good with a daily moisturizer and hair gel on the sides. 
 Make sure its not to tight.  Don't want headaches later :)

 Once the hair is tied in place you can being twisting it all the way around.  Make sure make the twists even to insure that the bun will be balanced.

 Then you can go back and pin the twists to the center of the head. 

Tayy Dahhh all done :) If like you can remove the tie from around the hair. I personally like the tie around it.

So do you like it? Or have questions?  Leave me a comment. 

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