Beauty: Eye for an Eye - Eyebrow Waxing Gone Wrong

I’ve had horrible luck lately, but “ain’t nobody got time for that”, so I’ll spare you the details.  Besides, my luck was starting to change!  Not only did I snag a twenty dollar gift card to Macy’s, but I also won twenty bucks from a scratch-off lottery ticket!  (O.K., full disclosure, by “snagging a gift card” I mean I literally swiped it from my son Chance’s stack of birthday loot.)  But, it seemed my luck was improving much like the Ohio weather, as it transitions from a long winter to vibrant spring. Sunshine and happiness, here I come!
Brittany Begley
#CashMoney Baby!

And since my bad luck was finally over, I had no reason to be nervous about getting my eyebrows waxed. Right?
So, I was rather excited about how much better I was going to look; and I spent the time to grow them back to full bushy state for a few months...mostly out of the necessity to stay warm!

I hopped in the chair, full of anticipation, and ready to fix my “hot mess” of a face. And it boosted my confidence for some reason that I had the most adorable stylist. Sure, she had super-skinny eyebrows but they actually looked good on her. (In hindsight, I guess that was my first red flag.) My cute, little stylist mapped out my brows and I approved. Finally, I was 10 minutes away from beautiful full eyebrows… or so I thought.
After working feverishly for not 10, but 20 minutes, (as I said, my brows were a hot mess) she finally finished and I was ready to see the final result.  But when I looked in the mirror, eek...WHERE ARE MY EYEBROWS! They were pencil-thin and I was shocked.
Questions flooded my head:
How did this happen?
How is it possible to go into the brow bar and actually look worse when you leave?

This was not what she mapped out before the waxing!
And I was furious.
But somehow I could not find the words to properly express my emotions. A part of me wanted to go full-on “Mariah Carey” on this chick, but I didn’t. I wanted so badly to make a scene, like my Mom did 10 years ago when she had something similar happen to her at my favorite salon in Dayton, OH.
  She made the BIG scene after one of her eyebrows was completely gone.  
Needless to say, we never went back. For years, I’ve made fun of her for “overreacting.”  Now, I wish I had the cojones to do the same.
photo (30)
Super skinny brows…
After starring in the mirror for a while, I finally told her how I felt, in a polite “Martha Stewart” kind of way. That’s when her coworker (who had the gorgeous full eyebrows that I wanted, by the way) came over and went on and on about how much she LOVED my new look. I felt patronized and I was REALLY starting to get upset. It was like my feedback didn’t even matter!  But this wasn’t my first rodeo, and these ladies weren’t going to tell this 29(ish) year-old woman what looked good. I knew what I wanted…and this was NOT it.  These super-skinny brows make me look  mean!  (Clearly I’m not, otherwise they still wouldn’t be able to sit after the verbal butt-whooping I would’ve given them).

THEN, they had the audacity to tell me I’ll have to grow them out again if I want them fuller. Um, HELLO??!!  That’s what I’d been doing for the past 3 months before the Ohio Eyebrow Massacre, and now it’s going to take at least a year to grow this mess out!
photo (31)
They aren’t even EVEN
And guess what? I still paid and even tipped her. Please help me, because I shouldn't have. But then again, what is the point of stiffing her? An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind, or in my case, eyebrow-less like my Mom.  So me and my dark cloud walked away… in tears!  And in parallel related news, after two days of 60+ degree weather, it snowed again today.  The universe can be cruel at times.
photo (32)


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