Real Life: 1 Tool = 6 Pack in 3 Weeks

Want to get your core tight while sculpting your upper body?  

Try this… 
Wheel Exercises are great for the core and upper body! You’ve changed your diet and have shed some pounds but that annoying belly bulge is still staring at you in the mirror every morning. Well, the next step is to sculpt and tone your body. If you want to have great abs as well as an amazing upper body try this exercise.

Learn how...after the jump...

The most basic exercise wheel workout is the out-and-back movement. 

Get in a kneeling position with both hands gripping the exercise wheel placed in front of you. Keep your arms straight, your shoulders aligned with your hips and your lower back positioned in its normal curvature.
 While keeping the exercise wheel balanced and in line with your body, slowly slide it forward 12 to 24 inches

With your arms still straight and fully extended, hold this position for a few seconds before pulling your hips and shoulders back to the starting position. If there is any back pain or discomfort, do not extend the wheel as far next time. 

Do at least 10 repetitions before resting, then try to complete 2 more sets. 

This exercise in itself targets both the core and the upper body at the same time with every movement. 

Complete  this exercise 3 to 4 times a week and you will see the results within 3 weeks.  

Remember to couple exercise with a clean diet and you are on your way to a fitter body! Train Hard!!

Ewanda R. Thompson, Fit 4 You, LLC,M.S. Exercise Science Health Promotion, ISSA CPT, Speed & Explosion Specialist, Advanced Exercise and Nutrition Certified,

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  1. This seems so easy to do. I'm going to try it. Maybe, I'll be brave enough to post before and after pics!

  2. Please do! I can't wait to see them! Go Dayvee..go Dayvee!!

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