Real Life: Flexitarian Diet. Flex-a- what?

Have you heard of a Flexitarian?

What if I told you that you can eat what you see in the photo above and be healthy...even loose weight.

Flexitarians shed pounds and are healthier! 

I, personally, am a vegan but I understand that veganism is definitely not for everyone.   

The Flexitarian lifestyle is one that I recommend to my clients and I have seen great success in their weight loss journeys.

It. is. a. lifestyle. Simply put, it's a flexible vegetarian way of eating. It could be just the jump start you need to begin eating healthier. Following a flexitarian diet simply means eating more plant-based meals and less meat.

The Flexitarian Diet aims to make it easier for people to transition to eating less meat.  The diet promotes fresh, natural, and seasonal foods but also includes staple items. 
Studies show that vegetarians live 3.6 years longer and, on average, weigh 15% less than non-vegetarians.
Flexitarian is one of the healthiest and smartest ways to eat and it is perfectly acceptable to pepper in meat and still be able to gain all the health benefits.

As a bonus, eating less meat is both environmentally and economically smart. Meat and poultry tend to be the most expensive items on a grocery bill, so downsizing can save money and is also an earth-friendly way to reduce greenhouse gases.
 Just, by the way...*wink*

Here's how to start...

Go meatless one or two days a week. On those days, try the following protein-rich foods instead of meat:

 Beans and legumes — great in casseroles and salads

Vegetarian refried beans — good substitute for meat in burritos and tacos

Tofu — perfect addition to stir-fry dishes.

Try this regime and you will notice a difference in your digestion as well as in your weight. 

For an added boost...

Couple a Flexitarian style of eating along with aerobic and weight bearing exercises 3 to 4 times a week and you are on your way to fitness success!

Eat clean and train hard!

Ewanda R. Thompson, Fit 4 You, LLC, M.S. Exercise Science Health Promotion, ISSA CPT, Speed & Explosion Specialist, Advanced Exercise and Nutrition Certified,,

 Are you going to give the Flexitarian lifestyle a try?
 Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. This is so practical! I love it and I'm going to try it.

  2. Not only will you feel better and look better it will also save you money on groceries!


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