Beauty: How to be Fab in Five Minutes

Who doesn't want to have more time to sleep, and less time beautifying themselves each morning? 
Seem impossible? Think again!

Here’s what you can do with five minutes each morning...

1. After showering, moisturize with my new fave, Vaseline Spray & Go (Cocoa Radiant). Skin softening has never been so easy! 

2. Apply your regular facial moisturizer and... 

3. put your favorite styling product into damp hair.

4. Curl lashes, apply mascara

5. Sweep pressed or loose powder onto your face with a blush brush

6. Apply a rosy color to the apples of your cheeks for a wide awake, youthful glow
Nars Blush, Deep Throat

7. Slick on a tinted lip gloss

8. Twist hair up into a chic, messy topknot (you can unpin it after work for loose, sexy, bed-head waves – perfect for a night on the town!)

Then…out the door you go (with breakfast of course), feeling refreshed from the great night’s sleep you had and your natural beauty enhanced.

If you could choose just ONE beauty improvement each morning, which one would it be?

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