Real Life: What's your exercise excuse?


In today's world everyone has about 2.5 jobs with families to take care of to boot. 
We are all busy bees. 
Even I am super busy, managing my own business, and so much more...

I also write fitness columns for two magazines, train athletes, teach at a College during the day and at a Personal Training institution at night and I still make exercise my priority. 
You can too. 
But first, you HAVE to stop your whining and start moving more! 
NO MORE EXECUSES. Like the old Nike saying "Just Do It" That's really what it takes.
My motto: You have to train insane or remain the same.
It also takes clean eating. That is 80% of your success. 

In life you either pay now or pay later, so pick your poison. I have decided to pay now by taking care of my body. Those who chose not to, will pay later by paying the Doctor and pharmaceutical companies.

Here's some exercise excuses I hear as a Trainer, followed by my response to it.
Excuse: I’m too busy.
Solution: Squeeze exercise into your daily routine.  Simply put …SCHEDULE IT LIKE YOU DO EVERYTHING ELSE!
Do floor routines while you watch TV. Take a walk break at work instead of a coffee or smoke break.

Excuse: Exercise is too expensive. (Love this one!)
Solution: Hmmm… how much did you spend on your latest hair style or that new bag you’re carrying? Your body is worth an investment, is it not?
Walking or jogging are FREE! Not to mention a jump rope is very cheap too. There are a lot of community centers and churches that provide free fitness classes as well. It just takes some research!  I mean, you research everything else online, why not research fitness?

Excuse: I’m too tired.
Solution: Actually, exercise gives you more energy. Getting there may be hard but afterwards you release natural endorphins throughout your body which fills you with long lasting energy throughout your day.

If possible, exercise when your energy is at its highest which is usually at lunch time.
Excuse: Exercise is boring.

Solution: Really? Being unhealthy and sedentary is boring as well!
Exercise with a friend. Find classes or activities that you enjoy and mix up your routine. Take a Yoga class one day, kick box the next and or take a spin class. Changing up your routine keeps your body guessing as well as your attention span.

Lace up and stop the excuses. Train Hard and get the results you want!
Ewanda R. Thompson,Fit 4 You, LLC,M.S. Exercise Science Health Promotion, ISSA CPT, Speed & Explosion Specialist,Advanced Exercise and  Nutrition certified,,

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