Fashion: No More Wire Hangers!

"Does it make a difference what type of hanger you use?"
"What about Padded vs.Wire hangers?"
Well, there are pros and cons to both.


Wire hangers are the cheapest hangers you can buy. In fact, you don't even have to purchase them, dry cleaners give them to you every time you pick up your clothes. And since they are FREE, you can conclude that they are not the best hangers for your clothes. They are not sturdy and can bend and collapse from the weight of your garments. 
Also, don't you hate when you get marks on the shoulder of your blouses from the sharp edges of a wire hanger? It takes a lot of time to press those out!


Padded hangers cost more but they are better for certain garments. Most are covered in satin or some other smooth fabric. They prevent snags or marks. Some have buttons sewn near the edges to prevent straps from slipping off. The down-side is, they are not suitable for heavy garments. Not all are designed (like the one above) with clamps to hold skirts or slacks. I recommend these to preserve your silk blouses.

There are many other type hangers, such as, wooden, plastic, and steel. Wooden hangers are best for coats and jackets.

I have a combination of wire and padded hangers in my closet. I was fortunate to inherit my Grandma's satin padded hangers. The blouses I posted last month are at least 40 years old. Look like new, huh! Thanks to 'hand washing' and padded hangers!
I also love the different colors they come in!

Tip: You can use the foam piece that comes on the  top of hangers from department stores to remove deodorant stains and lint off your clothes. Just rub!

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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