Mens Trends: Stop Romantizing the Idea of Her...

...just for sex

We know it.
You're initially talking to us because you want to bed us down.
We get it.

But eventually that gets old and then you are figuring out how to wiggle out of this situation.
Because when you finally come up for air, you realize you DON'T really like her or have much in common.

The solution.

Stop idealizing women.
A very common mistake men make when interacting with women is to put on a pair of glasses that helps them say: “I will endure anything she says, I’ll overlook any flaw, if it means I can get one step closer to having sex with her.” When you’re interacting with a woman, stop glamorizing her. Stop putting a halo around her head. 
Because if you idealize her and fail to recognize all the cues about how she really is, you’re going to get yourself in a heap of trouble. You’ll be in love with someone who is deeply flawed and you missed it because you lied to yourself. Stop it. When you meet a woman that seems perfect, hear the warning in your head that says “Stop Idealizing!” It can make a huge difference in how fulfilling your life is. 

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  1. I love your insight on the guys world.

  2. Yes...nice addition to the blog.


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