Fashion: What's new again! Denim resurrected.

You have heard the expression, "what's old is new again."

 Well, denim will never get old and nothing is new, especially with fashion! 
And style is something that varies among individuals. 
For me denim has always been a 'go to', easy-breezy item in my wardrobe. Denim fits into the category of style that will never expire.

Check out singer Rihanna rocking vintage looking looks.

Here's how you can do it too.

                    Look at what a blazer and hat can do to a denim outfit!

 Denim and I have had a long term love affair. So I am happy to see it's making a huge come-back. I never stopped loving denim, everything from shirts, skirts, dresses, jeans, and purses. I love the clean pressed look, and the grunge distressed look! Everyone should own a piece of denim.

                    With a modern cut of the legs, you can rock overalls again. Dress it up with a blouse or makeit casual with a t-shirt.  (Get this look from

Absolutely cute! Dark demin brings in a classic look. And the jumpsuit doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
This cute Karen Millen short denim jumpsuit is about $210 from
The little denim dress is my all time favorites. 
Throw on some cowboy boots or flip flops. Rolls sleeves up or down.
Comfortable fit denim flare leg jumpsuit. 
 Get this look from

Of course the distressed ripped denim skinny leg , high-waisted jeans. 
This most popular look right now can be found anywhere online.

Once again my dear friend Sarah Dam shows how to rock an overall jumpsuit with style! 
Definitely not your Old McDonald overalls!
Check out Courtney Kardashian's look. She's comfortable and chic in this casual denim jumpsuit. 
Embrace your denim and may it never go out of style!! What's your favorite denim look?


  1. I like all of these looks! I'm a denim wearer for life!

  2. Love the short jumpsuit!

  3. Hi DarLinda! You have been a fashionista since you were a teenager. I still see you are rocking style! Yes, you have always liked denim and prints! lol

  4. Thank you guys! Yes, I do like animal prints too. LOL!

  5. She has always been different.

    1. Yes. I've heard that my whole life. lol

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  7. Thank you guys for following my post. I have some more good stuff coming this month.

  8. Denim seems to be the thing! Been seeing a lot of it on IG.

  9. Everything looks great on Rihanna!

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  11. National Denim Day! In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Guess has partnered with the Peace Over Violence non-profit organization. April 23rd, people across the nation will be wearing jeans to raise awareness about sexual violence and support the victims of sexual assault.


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