Beauty: Top 5 Makeup No-No’s

AKA..."Don't go there Girlfriend!"    

Every day ladies have the best intentions, but they make tragic make up mistakes.
With just a little bit of retraining, I will help you break some of your old habits.

I've been doing it since you started wearing makeup as a teenager...
But these fix it tips will help you create a fresher, newer look!

    Wearing eyeliner on the bottom lash line only. (like in the photo above)
     It gives the appearance of pulling your eyes down and doesn’t give you the fresh, “awake” look most people seek. When applying eyeliner, either line the top lid only, or top and bottom. You’ll be much happier with how your eyes look.

Not wearing blush. In my opinion, blush is a must, especially as we age. Blush helps give us the natural flush of youth.
Check out the difference below. 
It's a subtle difference...but makes all the difference/

Lining outside the lip line. For years we were told to line our lips just slightly outside of our natural lip line to give the appearance of fuller lips. It’s a good idea in theory, but it is done incorrectly by 99% of the women I see. It’s just not worth it. Embrace your lips as they are and work with them, not against them. And leave the outside lining to the pros, like me.

Wearing too much foundation. I’ve seen women who need barely any coverage wearing a full on mask of foundation. Unless you happen to be having your photo taken or going on TV, it’s not necessary. 
Yes, many of us need to even out our skin tone, or cover up blemishes, or just like the look of flawless skin; but you can achieve the same look with so much less product. 
  • Try dampening your foundation brush first.
  • Apply a minimal amount of foundation in soft rounded strokes on the face, and you'll end up with an air brushed look.
  • If your skin is not oily or excessively dry, try minerals or powder foundation. It gives a flawless look without hiding your face. And it feels a heck of a lot better on your skin too.

Clumpy eyelashes. Yes, it happens, and yes, you can fix it. 
Eyelash combs are super cheap, as are disposable mascara wands. Use one or the other after applying mascara to de-clump and separate your lashes. It takes only a minute or two, and the impact of your lashes will be amazing!

What are YOUR makeup no-no’s, and why?


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