Real Life: Social Media Tip - The Most Common Twitter Mistake


It is made all the time on Twitter. 

In a HubSpot post, Jay Acunzo was kind enough to offer up his own experience with this for us to learn from.
Here’s Jay’s Tweet, which he used as an example:
The mistake is an easy one to miss, but it all comes down to the very start of the Tweet. Starting a Tweet with a username (this one starts with @HubSpot) means that only the sender, the person mentioned and anyone who follows them both will see it.
In this case, Jay and HubSpot will both see the Tweet in their timelines, and anyone who happens to follow both Jay and HubSpot will see it in their timelines.
Of course, anyone who scrolls through Jay’s whole Twitter profile would see it as well, but we want to focus on getting your Tweets into the timelines of your followers.
So, how do we solve this? If you really want to start your Tweet with a username, add a period to the beginning, like this:
So next time you want to Tweet about someone, don’t forget to add a period at the beginning if you want all of your followers to see it!

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  1. I get it ! Wow, I never knew this! Great tip.

  2. Yes, great tip! Thanks


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