Travel: Fold or Roll?

Nowadays it is definitely to your advantage when flying to just take your carry-on.

Believe me, I travel quite often.
And whether it is a 2 night getaway or 5 days in Miami with my boo, I simply refuse to check my bag (and pay for it!)

Here's my trip tip on how to get away with packing way more clothes than you ever imagined! 

A quick travel tip I learned a long time ago is rather than folding your clothes in your suitcase, simply roll them up. It's an amazng space saver and allows for more clothes and items in your suitcase.

Another benefits is that clothes won't wrinkle!  When you arrive at your final destination, simply unroll and you can even hang dresses and whatnot in the hotel or room closet. 

Got a travel tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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