Travel: Avoid the Crowds

We're rushing into travel season...

My best tips are after the jump...

So, first, I must state the obvious and suggest that you travel to popular places (i.e. Disney) during their off-season. 
(FYI...Disney's off-season is January (except New Year's Day) until just before Presidents' week in February; the week following Labor Day until just before Thanksgiving week; and the week following Thanksgiving until the week until Christmas.)
Next, since we have officially entered into peak travel season (for the US), book your travel for weekdays: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (non-weekend) days for the lowest (of the already high) flight prices. Those are the least popular outbound dates and therefore the demand is low, which saves you a few bucks for travel.

Go off the beaten path in the desired destination.
So you want to visit Spain? Well, certain destinations have wealthy tourism budgets, which means they reach people all over the world and solicit them to visit their land. I recommend you visit the place, next to that popular place, and if you dare, even further out. (Places without budgets!)

One of my favorite resources to find these places is It's organically put together: stories, experiences, recommendations and how-to-guides on both obscure and well traveled destinations.

Got a travel tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. seems like it takes a lot of planning.


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