Real Life: Social Media Tips - Pay Attention to Facebook Policies

...I mean, their ever changing policies

You may or may not be aware, but Facebook is ever changing its privacy settings.
But what does that really mean for you?

It seems to happen at least once a year.

And most of the time it is a "take it or leave it" change.
When they first started it, many folks did leave.
But then they came back... 
Because Facebook is a mega power in our modern, mobile world.

Others try to maintain some power by only posting very limited updates.
But that isn't very "social" or entertaining to their followers, and they may even lose some of them.

But the best way to know where you stand with good ole Facebook is to stop and read their policies when they change. And often, to make yourself more comfortable about the change, it is a simple click with in your profile settings. 
It is a bit tedious, but if you hunker down and just do it...
All of it will take less than a half hour.

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  1. This seems like a lot of work. But, alas, I guess it has to be done.


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