Travel: Top 3 Travel Garments

The best way to save space in your suitcase is to pack garments that you can get multi-use out of.
This is especially true if you are backpacking or traveling for anytime over 10 days.

1. The infinity dress or convertible dress

The name says it all. Wear this one piece an infinite number of ways.
I prefer the color black, because it is a great base color that you can layer any way.

Get one as low as $30 from Target!
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2. Multi-pocket jacket, vest or cargo pants with lots of storage
 Depends on the climate for the trip, if you should opt for a jacket, vest or cargo pants.

This jacket is by (They, of course, sell vests too.)
But, here are more to choose from.

And my favorite travel pants are cargo pants with so many pockets that it's like having a backpack on your legs.
But for travel you may want to try these by, with hidden pockets. They look like normal khakis, but have 8 hidden pockets!

The hidden pockets just make you less of a target for thieves as you travel. 

3. Break-away cargo pants
As a TV news journalist, I often work with cameramen who wear lightweight pants that also convert into shorts. It's the most practical piece of clothing I've seen for their job; because their job can literally take them from an icey freezer to a humid beach in one day.

They are also great for traveling. 
For example, you could be in Costa Rica, starting your morning in the rain forest that has thousands of insects and wildlife that, for sure, you'd want to cover your legs as you explore the terrain. Then in the afternoon, you'd visit the hot springs, with no time to change. Welp, with a pair of "zip-off" pants, you'd be the star of the travel group because you'd be the most prepared.

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