Beauty: The Number 1 Beauty Must Have


That's right. 
We'll explain more...after the jump.

Vaseline (generic name, petroleum jelly). It’s cheap. It’s everywhere. Most people keep it in their homes for various reasons. I myself am a big fan. Let me tell you why:

Slather dry hands or feet with Vaseline and cover with white cotton gloves or socks at night. They’ll be soft and supple in the morning. 

Vaseline removes eye makeup. 

It’s great for chapped lips. 

It also stimulates hair growth (I put it on my lashes at night, although beware, it will ruin your pillowcases. But who cares? My lashes are FAB!) 

Vaseline softens cuticles. It prevents chafing. It promotes healing.

I could really go on and on, but the bottom line is, Vaseline is one of the best beauty products ever, hands down, for under $5.

Do you love Vaseline? Share the unique ways you use it with us in the comment section below!


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