Men's Trends: What Women Want on A First Date

Ladies, we all know that a man's performance on the first date can determine whether or not we consider you a creep or a keeper.
Here's some tips from women to men about how to make that first date a right date...

1. Smell Good And Take Pride In Your Appearance
It's obvious, but has to be said. You'd be surprised at what has arrived to the restaurant.
Men, all you have to do is ensure that your outfit is clean, that your clothes are pressed and that you're dressed right for your body type. That last thing you want is for her to be distracted by your dirty socks!

2. Pick Her Up And Get Her Home
These days, that is not likely to happen on a first date...she will more than likely feel most comfortable meeting you at the spot.

But what you can do is ensure that she meets and leaves you safely. It will up your gentleman game tremendously.
And be on time. She will feel "unspecial" if you can't even be there for the first meeting before she is. She wants you to feel excited at the chance of engaging with her. That, in-turn, will make her feel sexy. And when a woman feels sexy...that is all good for you.

3. Hold The Door Open And Hold Her Chair
Don't believe that lie out there that chivalry is dead. IT IS NOT. And you will win every time with your gentleman game. Like stated above, the simple formula for a woman is to make her feel special. So holding the doors open, pulling out will work. Don't be so surprised if she isn't used to it, or even resists. Keep your "gentleman" up and eventually you'll soften her up.

4. Switch Off Your Mobile And Bluetooth
This is another important rule that many men ignore — to their detriment. When you're on a date, the person you are with should be the complete center of attention. In order to avoid leaving your date sitting there awkwardly while you talk to someone on the phone, switch it off...or she may switch you off! Again, doing this constitutes basic good manners, and is all the more important when you are on a first date and are keen to make a good impression.

5. Pay Without Being Obvious
Just pay.
My rule: you asked me out? You pay. By your 30's, men should be used to it. You just have to pay to take out a pretty lady. The going "dutch" thing is for kids...because no one has a real job. it's accepted and understood.
But, grownups should know and accept the rule. So, I don't even pretend to grab for my wallet on dates. It's pointless. And it has never come up for discussion either.
If it does come up, I'd recommend that this man may not be for you!
If you are the woman who feels it old-fashioned to think this way, I'd recommend you read more on the psychology of "men and the chase." Sure, it may be fun for him at first that you are the aggressive type. But eventually it wears on them. They prefer to go get "their woman." It's primitive, for sure. But, it is the way it is. 

Got a dating tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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