Fashion: Being a tall girl in fashion!

Being a tall girl often means lots of stares! 

5 Tips on how to "wear" your height!

I'm a tall girl, 5"9, and at times it attracts a lot of attention, especially when I'm wearing 6inch heels! I have embraced my height and learned not to shy away from fashion!

5 Tips:

1. Fabulous shoes! The first thing people look at are your feet. They want to see if you are really that tall or is it just the shoes! So give them something to look at!

2. Never Slouch!  Confidence is always sexy! Slouching just makes you look awkward and uncomfortable, not shorter. Own your height! Pretend you are a model on a runway, showing off your awesome outfit.

3. Don't shy away from heels!  Just because you're tall doesn't mean you are confined to flats. Sometimes a high heel can change an outfit from 'nice' to 'awesome'. A few extra inches wont hurt! And if your height makes others uncomfortable, that is THEIR issue, not yours!

4. Unbalance the top and bottom!  Don't wear a baggy top with baggy bottoms. If you wear a baggy top, pair it with a skinny jean or legging. If you wear baggy bottoms, pair it with a fitted top.

5.  Be Comfortable!  Wear what fits. If you're comfortable in your clothes, it shows in your walk , attitude, and outfit!

Happy Fashion!!!

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. I love it! Go team tall!

  2. You definitely have the best ideas! My favorite is #3. I'm going to start using it when people question why I wear heels!

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