Beauty: Product Review - Boots No 7 Stay Precise Liquid Liner

I came across Boots No 7 Stay Precise Liner by accident. 
And It all started with the photo below...

I love liquid eyeliner, and I am particular about the type of brush a liner comes with, and how well it stays put. 

Almost all liquid or creme liners promise that they're long wearing, but I find just the opposite to be true.

Anyway, I had an 80s, rock/punk themed shoot coming up (see above), and I knew I wanted a blue liquid liner for the look. I didn't have time to trek to Sephora, so I headed to my local Target to see what I could find.

I bypassed several other brands of liner, having tried them multiple times and not been satisfied. I came upon the Boots display and found a brilliant blue liner that seemed to fit all of my qualifications.
It was blue (duh), it had a very fine applicator brush, and it promised (I hoped) to stay on. Added bonus? It was under $9.00. I figured it just needed to hold up for an hour or two of shooting, so I grabbed it. 
A liquid liner should allow you to be able to draw a very precise line, like so:
It should stay put, even in hot weather.

This eyeliner did everything it was supposed to and I am a huge fan now. In fact, I went back to Target and bought a few more, one for my own personal use. I have worn it to the beach, and it stayed. I have worn it all day during the heat of the summer, and it stayed.
I love it! Go check it out for yourself.

Do you like liquid liner? If so, which brand do you recommend?


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