Men's Trends: The Designer Look for Less

OK fellas. 

Ladies aren't the only ones who want look look posh, but want a deal.
Today, I'm sharing the secrets we know with you.

A lot of guys think they need a lot of money to own a wardrobe that turns heads, but you’d be surprised to find that a lot of stylish guys out there don’t spend that much.

By shopping smart you could look just as good, if not better, than the guy wearing expensive labels from head to toe.

1. Find the best fit you can, and then get the details tailored

By now, you should know that nothing will look more “money” than a great fit. Keep this in mind when shopping. Rarely will you find anything that fits perfectly off the rack, so buy the best fit that you can find, and then get it tailored. It’s smarter to get a cheaper piece tailored to fit you perfectly than get a fancy piece that’s mediocre in fit.

2. Try a dark pair of jeans 

Avoid the distressed jeans and go for a solid pair like raw denim. Crazy back pocket graphics are now out of style — so keep it simple. But remember when they were? And the jeans cost hundred of dollars.

So why darker jeans? Generally darker jeans look more classy and higher quality than most light-colored jeans – especially ones with no wash like raw denim. Most of the time, jeans that are machine washed and given that faded look come out cheesy and looking cheap. When in doubt, go for a solid pair of jeans.

3. Choose your fabric with care

A lot of clothing makers will copy the popular trends of the runway. For example, in a high-end designer store you may see a lot of patent leather clothing. You’ll see patent leather jackets, patent leather shoes, etc. Even if you bought these type of shoes for way less at a cheaper store, the common person won’t be able to perceive the difference.

So before you buy a shirt or a pair of jeans, ask yourself, “If I saw this on someone else, would I think it was cheap or expensive?”

Some people buy very expensive pieces but they look horrible – nobody would know they spent a lot of money on it. Others look great, and it seems like everything they have on is high quality; but the truth is they didn’t spend a lot of money at all.

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