Fashion: Digging in Grandma's Closet again!

 It's that time again, girl!

We're digging through my grandma's closet.

See after the jump...for what I've found this time.

I haven't been digging through Grandma's closet in a while, so I decided to treasure hunt this afternoon. During my dig, I found some nice vintage purses... 

I love this black satin purse! It has a gold emblem in the front, gold chain strap with accent crystal balls on the strap. It doesn't stop there! I opened it up to find a hidden surprise, a MIRROR. Every lady needs to check her lipstick throughout the night!

I feel in love with this one! I love the tortoise shell handle, and the chain-link feel to it!

I adore this brown, black, tan, and burgundy leather handbag.

This gold clutch is definitely going to make a statement!

I can carry this fancy pearl white purse to a dinner or formal event.

Once again I am not disappointed with what I will find. Stay tuned for more...

What treasures have you've found lately.


  1. Wow, are you selling any of those?

  2. Yeah! This is some good stuff!


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