Real Life: 3 Ways to Wake Up the Love in Your Relationship

No doubt, there are countless blogs that off ways to "spice up" your relationship.

And quite frankly, they mostly say "have more sex."

The next best answer is "do things together."

For that, I say "DUH!"

and you probably think that too.

Here's three simple (but not so obvious), practical, and most importantly, powerful tips to Wake Up the Love and Connection in your long-term relationship.

1. Smile when your partner walks in the door.

This is so powerful. Think about's the reason why people love dogs. Dogs are always happy to see you. When life happens, everyone understands that everyone else is busy; you get busy, they are busy...we are busy. So at the end of the day...when your partner comes home, simply stop what you are doing, look him in the eyes and smile. He will feel welcomed and relieved to be home-sweet-home. It will also set the mood for the rest of the evening.  

2. Engage in physical contact outside the bedroom.
How? and What?
Just a touch.
For example, stop watching separate shows in separate rooms. Sit and watch what HE is watching, and lay your head on him.
When walking from the car to restaurant, softly slip your hand into his and walk holding hands. These small gestures really do soften the walls and routines that are built overtime.

3. Send your partner a text.
Not that "honey-Do List" kind. But the kind you used to do when you started dating. 
So, we are definitely busy at work and at home. So the solution is to set an alert/alarm on your cellphone for a designated time to send a love and appreciation text to your boo.  
Here's some examples...
 "Just thinking about you.""Hey handsome""I can't wait to see you"

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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  1. These tips are so great. More people should do this!


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