Travel: BYOE

Bring your own everything. 


See below and save yourself some bucks and sanity when traveling this season.

These days the airlines like to charge you for everything. 
And the policies and freebies change from plane to plane, even within the same airlines at times.
But charge it to the game, because it's all about supply and demand.

So, make sure you pack what you need to survive the duration of the travel, rather than putting yourself at the airline's mercy. 

Bring a travel pillow, eye mask, a blanket or sweater if you tend to get cold...and airplanes always get cold, as far as I am concerned.

Pack and charge your entertainment, headphones (preferably noise-canceling ones, which not only combat engine noise — brutal in the rear of the plane — but make it so that you can hear the plane's entertainment system).

And, of course, food: while on-board prices aren't extortionate (a charge airports are far more guilty of), the quality is iffy and the selection meager.

And if you have to really save the bucks, which I understand if you prefer not wanting to pay $5 for water inside of the security lines, pack a canteen or empty water bottle, and fill it up at the fountains at the airport. Most airports now have a space specifically for water bottles.

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  1. Yeah, I get caught in a lot of these travel traps. I need to do more of this. Thanks!


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