Travel: $2 a Night Hotel

So, would you dare try it?
This new chain of Hotels may blow your mind to budget-friendly travel.

Trolling the internet I found this very these very intriguing hotels popping up around Asia.

In places like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...
They are
They are the first of its kind in Asia. The hotel offers a 'No frills' concept for customers, thus passing down the very affordable price to it's customers.
Starting from RM9.99 per night (that is about US$2), theTune folks wans to "keep everything super simple and pass the savings to you" and that customers should "only pay for what really, really matters; like central location, convenience, security and comfort". 

This is a different updated idea from the 'no-tell motels' that we are used to in the US.
Tune Hotels were founded by the same team from Asia's top budget airline, the hotel booking can also come with a package with the airfare. 

So would you dare try it?

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  1. Ummm...I am not sure if I'd try least not sight unseen


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