Beauty: History's Worst Beauty Blunders

We live in a culture that strives for beauty, and honestly I don’t find anything wrong with that. I think that feeling beautiful is good for the soul. With that said, there are some trends, both past and present, that are anything BUT beautiful. 

Today, I'm giving you a lesson, and reminder, of some of the worst beauty trends we've seen over the years.

Sit back with me and let's laugh together.

  Brownish/Bronze Lips 
                                                   Result: Adds ten years

                                                   Self/Spray Tans  
                                            Result: Looks a bit cartoon-ish
                                                          80’s Hair
                     We thought we looked "totally awesome"! Alas, we did not.

                                                   Frosted Lipstick

                                       Dark lipliner/light lipstick
                                                    Just not a good idea.

                                            Extra long fingernails
                                                 These are a bit too much.

                                       Mismatched face/skin tone 
                             Your foundation should match the rest of your body.

                                          Poodle perms should be banished.

                                          Ultra Skinny Eyebrows
       It's rare to pull off a thin brow. Stick with well groomed, more natural brows.
                                                      Lip Injections
                      Too many gorgeous women mess up their faces with lip injections.

     So there you have it top ten beauty mistakes, past and present. Did I miss any? Leave a comment below and weigh in!


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