Travel: How to Club Solo in Another Country

I love to travel a lot.
I also call myself a "passport stamp collector."
Meaning, I love to leave the country!
As you can imagine, many people don't have this I often have to take trips on my own.
at one of the most famous locations in Rio.

That means I hang out with myself, laugh with myself, explore new places by myself, and even PAR-TAY by myself.
Below...I'll tell you how to feel comfortable going to a club or bar solo-dolo.

There are many things you can do to make going to a club by yourself a great time. 

  • Don't carry your wallet in an obvious place and don't carry a purse. (Ladies, I personally use the bra/boob as a pocket. ID, credit card, room key, and cash is all you need.)
  • Arrive early, sit at the bar and be friendly with the bartender (they're your safety card). 
  • Don't drink too much. 
  • Be proactive. Dance if you want to dance. Sing karaoke if you want to. get into the scene.
  • Take pictures. 
  • Chat with who you want to, not with who wants to chat with you.
Be open and ready for the life experience you crave, while being alert and aware of your surroundings.
It will be a trip you'll be proud you had.
at a high point...taking a selfie in Greece.
having a stranger take a photo of me while on a tour in Brazil.

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