Beauty: Review, Chanel Counter, Dillards, Pembroke Lakes Mall, Florida

Ah, Chanel. Just the name evokes glamour. I enjoy this brand of makeup and clothing very much - if not for the high price tags, I'd buy it all the time. 
Ooooh, so much makeup!

One of my favorite things to do is go to makeup counters and have my makeup done. I pretend like I know absolutely nothing about cosmetics or the application of them. Many times I am given misinformation, or made up in such a way that I have to run immediately to the restroom after to scrub everything off.

I decided to head to the nearby Chanel counter while on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. Read on to learn about my experience...

A young man named Christian was working the Chanel counter, along with a few other salespeople. He greeted me first, so I gravitated toward him. I told him that a friend suggested that I try eye primer, and asked if he could put some on me with some eyeshadow on top so I could see what it does.

Concealer as primer...who knew??

Christian surprised me by pulling out a concealer, saying that while Chanel does carry primer, he likes to use concealer as primer, because it works just as well and I'd be getting more bang for my buck, since I could use it as an actual concealer as well. 
A salesperson interested in saving me money? Can you say instant love???

Christian and I chatted as he made up my whole face. Besides the concealer as primer, he applied eyeshadow, eyeliner, did my brows, (for once, somebody did them the way I like them!) added mascara, and then used face powder, blush and a fabulous gloss to finish off the look. 

I love lip glosses!!! 

Hesitantly, I peered into the mirror. I was surprised to find that I actually liked my makeup, and the colors Christian chose were great for me. He did my makeup differently than I do my own, so it was nice to break out of my box a little bit and do something new.

I chose two products to buy (the concealer and the gloss). When Christian asked if I'd like to add any other items to my purchase and I said no thank you, not today, he was pleasant and sweet and didn't attempt to strong arm me into spending more money that I wanted to.

The only issue I have with Chanel itself, again, is the price. It is, in my opinion, very expensive. But if you have the money to spend, you might want to check them out. If you go the Pembroke Lakes Mall, be sure to ask for Christian - he's an absolute doll.

I wore my makeup all night when I went out to dinner. The concealer did indeed keep my eye shadow in place the whole time. 

My Chanel Selfie....A Chelfie!!! :)

What makeup have you been wanting to try?


  1. Thanks. I have always wondered about their brand.

  2. Thanks. I have always wondered about their brand. Florida man

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