Fashion: 5 styles that should never be worn.. ever again!

Every once in a while there is a trend or style that comes along that are not meant to last forever. 
Lets go through them one-by-bloody-one!

by their nature they are temporary. 
Some are fabulous and some many are happy to see them leave and some of these styles should be buried and never be resurrected again!

1. The hammer pants

I'll admit I had a pair in High School, that was then, but I would never wear a pair now. Lets not get this "started again". I prefer the less obvious, new style like the ones below.

2. Money clothes

(don't need to know)
 At first I thought it was some type of joke but I'm glad it didn't last long. Please no more money dresses, leggings, etc.! Lets keep our Benjamin's in our wallets from now on. How about a print like the one below?

3. Round toe pumps

Some of you may not agree, but let me show you some different options. It can change the look of your whole outfit. I prefer the ones below. It has a much sleeker look and will make any foot look sexy!

4. Sagging pants

(can be purchased anywhere just buy 3 sizes too big)

This one if for the fellas. This trend, in my opinion, has lasted far too long! How about opting for a lose fitting jean but a more tailored fit? The ones below are perfect if you need a little "slack" in your jeans, without exposing your undergarments.

Tom Tailor jeans

5. Pants with slogans on the backside.

It's always an unexpected surprise when someone turns to walks away, and there is a message following them. Your eyes immediately goes down to read their booty. If you want to make a statement when you walk away, try the ones below.

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Embellish jeans with Swarovski rhinesstones

What do you think about my options? What are some of your least favorite trends?


  1. I like your options. A much sexier look.
    If grown men only knew how they looked with their sagging pants, I don't think they would continue to wear this awful look.

  2. Omg! Money clothes??!!! That's has to be the southern regions!

  3. Darlinda I have to agree on all of those. I've never seen the money clothes but I can't imagine!!

    1. Thank you! No, it's not pretty!

  4. I will be so happy when boys start pulling their pants up!

  5. I'm so glad I don't have to see Juicy on bottoms anymore!!!

  6. Wow, perfect. Really really like, thanks for sharing! rolex

  7. I got a lot of comments on FB about the round toe. I do like vintage Mary Jane round toe heels but that's about all! Sorry Randa Moss! Lol

    1. A round toe shoes is a sexy conservative options for church and work. I do agree I would never wear on any other occassion.

    2. I think Miley Cyrus started the money dress as a spoof or joke I guess some people took it serious.

  8. I saw a money dress!!! It was in NC, it is a southern style! Lol, but it wasn't cute!

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