Men's Trends: The Importance of Nail Grooming

I love my boo, but I hate his nails!

*disclaimer: these are not my man's hands. LOL
He has sort of long nails. He explained to me that he just keeps them that way because when he was a child, he and his parents did a lot of work to stop him from biting his nails.

I think that is all well and good, but they still gross me out. They aren't terribly long. I just don't like the look of of long nails on men.

But here is my wishlist for the least he can do...

Just groom them.

1. when nails get too long, take a half hour to trim them down. You can do this while chatting on the internet, watching a game or movie.

2. do it at least twice a month.

3. don't forget your cuticles. Simply lotion your hands and push them back. This prevent cracking around the nail bed.

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  1. I need to groom their nails.


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