Travel: The Best Place to Vacation

Some people make bucket list for trips that they want to take.
Some people don't even dare to dream that they could ever take an excursion to one of the world's great destinations.

I have a list, and it's actively being updated; and aggressively being pursued.

I always tell people that the first thing I do, is make sure that "vacation" is a line item on my budget. Meaning...I set aside a good amount of my budget to travel.

Next question I often "where to go?"

My answer: whereever you want to.

Take time to dream, and then write it down.
Has there been a place you've wanted to go from a book you've read or a movie you've watched?
Write it down.

Next thing you know, you have a list.

The next step is to pursue that list...aggressively.
You can even prioritize the list: think, if you died in a month, what experience would you need to have? This, will really help you filter your list!

If you need help brain storming destinations, I like this article from the Huffington Post that has top destinations from all over the world.

Then set your travel website alerts and consistently look for rates to your destinations. This will help you gauge how much it will really cost, so that you can identify when a real deal comes through. Then when a package comes through that you like, you can pounce on it!

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