Beauty: Trends From the Past

A valid argument could be made for the idea that what we find beautiful is dictated by what is considered in vogue for our times. This is true now, and it was true hundreds of years ago.

Join me on a little trip to the past, and check out some of the beauty trends and ideas from long ago...

• In 18th Century France, a healthy look was coveted, and women used red        
  lipstick and cheek color to achieve the look.

• It is believed that many deaths can be attributed to the fact that people used to powder their faces with a lead based powder, including Queen Elizabeth I in 1603.

• In 18th Century England people would glue silk and taffeta (kept in a "patch box"), among other things, to their faces in order to hide imperfections.

• The 1940s were the first time in history that a tan was known as a sign of wealth. Before then, it was considered a look that only the lower class suffered.

Have you heard of any strange or interesting beauty trends from the past? Post them below and share!


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