Fashion: Scarves - The Cloth Necklace

I never wore scarves for warmth until I turned 40 and I realized how important it is to cover my neck in the winter. Before then, they have always been a fashion statement for me. I often substitute a scarf for a necklace. 
Here's How!

Anthropologie scarf

This is my favorite! Its called the 'Flight Attendant' look. I prefer this smaller silk scarf.  It looks great with a tank top or a blazer. I usually tie mine to the side. TJ Maxx  has a nice, inexpensive selection to choose from.
Here are some more great looks! If you are like me and can't do the fancy designs and knots, and don't have the time to look at YouTube, stick to a simple knot tied on the side or the back. It's classic and sexy!

Kim Kardashian's street style is classy yet simple. I like the way she threw a summer scarf around her neck and let it hang. It's nothing fancy, but it added a pop of style. 

Are you bold enough to wear a scarf and flip flops at the same time? Why not!


  1. I love scarves!!

  2. I like a long scarf. Nice looks!

  3. I'm like you were, I only wear scarves in the winter to stay warm. I can't wear anything around my neck. But they are nice!

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