Fashion: The Silver Lady!

If you live in Charlotte, N.C. then I'm sure you know "The Silver Lady"!
Check out some of her hottest new pieces!!

Cee Cee Thomson knows accessories!!! 

She specializes in uniqueness! Cee Cee has been in the Charlotte and New York area for many years. We affectionately named her "the silver lady". She started selling mainly silver but later expanded to costume pieces.  I've been buying her pieces for over 15 years now. I love the quality of her silver and her costume pieces. Her prices range from $8 to $100 +. Here are some of her latest pieces. She has it all: bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and belly chains.

Of course, I love them all...but did you know that I have them all!
If you like "over the top" and "out the box" like I do, check her out if you haven't already!! or IG @Ceecee_co

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  1. She has really nice jewelry! Wow!

  2. Very unique! DarLinda, you always know where to shop!!

  3. Does she have a store? Would live to purchase some jewelry!


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